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Lanyuan Cosmetics offers an end-to-end product line for salons, a complete hair care package deal. This lucrative deal entails a series of product within each package. Starting from hair oils to masks, shampoos to conditioners and top-notch quality rebonding agents all can be availed in a single package deal. Therefore, placing a bulk order for these package units, which are compact solution for hair care remedies required in every salon or by every hair specialist, can essentially benefit all.Instead of selecting every product distinctively you can check on the ingredients, formula structure that is chemical or organic, whatever you are seeking for, and can place a complete order.

  • Saves a great amount of time since it cuts down the hassle of selecting each and every hair care product distinctively.
  • When investing in package deals you can even save a good amount of margin on the purchase.
  • Besides, in salon work or professional hair styling, you just can omit any product, which has been carefully included in the serier items pack.
All you need to do is to check out the ingredients, formula base you are looking for that is powder form or gel format of particular products and collect a complete pack of hair care product.

Why choose us

Why choose us

  • Over 20 years manufacturer experience
  • OEM ODM Welcome
  • With GMPC ISO 22716:2007 certificates
  • 5,000 ㎡ modern production foundation
  • 1000 Formula Available
  • 10 Advanced Standard Production Line
  • 3300 Tons Units Produced Capacity
  • Professional team will give your strong support
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