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Hair straightening includes a definite procedure, where hair styling professionals and salon experts recommend using high quality hair rebonding cosmetic products to ensure perfect straightening and protection of hair. They use a treatment procedure that includes heat therapy and ironing. Lanyuan excels in dealing with high-grade hair straightening products designed for all types of hair and even exclusive products for Asian hair types, as well. 

  • It quickly penetrates deep through the layer of the hair follicles.
  • Actively reconstitutes the normal chain bonding structure of the hair and helps to change the inbuilt structure orientation and straighten the hair.
  • You can find exclusive use of ginger extracts in this range of products. Ginger is known to essentially stimulate the structure of the hair follicles, as well as helps to revitalize the hair roots.
  • These products are infused with active moisturizing and nutrient ingredients, which helps to replenish and vitalize the hair follicles to keep up the shiny, healthy, and smoothness of the hair even after straightening.
 You can avail the products as in crèmes, lotions, and even spray forms for exclusive hair styling use. Besides, you can find both organic formula, as well as chemical formula available in the product collection.

Why choose us

Why choose us

  • Over 20 years manufacturer experience
  • OEM ODM Welcome
  • With GMPC ISO 22716:2007 certificates
  • 5,000 ㎡ modern production foundation
  • 1000 Formula Available
  • 10 Advanced Standard Production Line
  • 3300 Tons Units Produced Capacity
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