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Hair Oil Massage Therapy – A Comprehensive Hair Care Solution

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Beauty is natural and it lies in every part of the body, starting from hair to nails. However, silky, shiny, and lustrous hair is definitely an asset, which everyone desires. Not everyone has long, flaunting hairs like Rapunzel, but maintaining and caring for hair properly can undoubtedly help to maintain bouncy and smooth locks. There are multiple types of hair treatments, however, in our daily busy schedules of life, it is hardly possible for everyone to visit salons, or even take care of hair regularly with essential hair care treatments. All that we hardly manage is a quick shampoo wash. However, the damage that occurs to hairs is permanent. Therefore, understanding your hair and basic caring can help you to flaunt those lovely locks without dreadful nightmares of dullness, falling hairs, dandruff, etc.


Hair Loss and Damage Reasons


  • Stress and anxiety due to physical injuries or illness
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Emotional stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Over styling
  • Poor Care


There are many more reasons, which could be the root cause of your damage or falling hair. However, you can take essential care of your hair and protect your hair from further damage with the basic care. Like for example, oiling hair is a common therapy applied by even grandmothers since ages. While you may not take its benefits seriously until now, but it is a medically proven fact that hair oil massage offers intense care to hairs.


Hair Oils Offers Protection from Pollution


Hair oil massaging helps the oil to penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair. Thereby, creating a protective layer. Once your hair is exposed to external pollution and sun, the oil layer protects the hair from extensive damage.


Hair Oil Massage Enhances Blood Flow


Massaging hair oil on your scalps promotes and encourages better blood circulation, which in turn, helps to strengthen the roots of the hair.


Avoid Premature Grey Hairs


Enhanced blood circulation gives protection to the hair roots. Thus, this together offers a shield of protection against premature graying of hair.


Fights Damage Hair


Regular oiling helps to nourish the hair better. Thereby, helps to repair and replenish split ends, damaged hair follicles, and brings back shine and luster to hair stands. It also offers effective protection against falling hair, since it offers essential nourishment to hair shaft. If you have problems of damaged hair, Vitamin E enriched hair oils can be of a great benefit.


Types of Hair Oil Treatment


There are different types of hair oils available in the market, which are recommended for repairing damaged hair. However, if you are inclined towards herbal or organic hair care it can be useful to know about essential natural hair oils that can offer unparalleled hair care solution.


  • Coconut Oil Therapy


While neuropaths recommend therapeutic massage of 100% virgin hot coconut oil extracts for the best results of repairing for the damaged hair, yet those available in the market are also a great nutrition supplements for dull and damaged hair. Coconut oil is essentially enriched with high mineral content including magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium, which offers nourishment to the cuticles and roots of the hair for essential growth and damage repair.


  • Castor Oil for Hair Fall


Castor oil is known to be enriched in Vitamin E, an essential nutrient for hair growth. Use of castor oil can protect your hair considerably against hair fall and encourage hair growth. Though castor oil offers a sticky and greasy feel, yet for its high-end benefits, the little uneasiness can be overlooked. Castor oil in combination with almond oil can again be highly effective on dull hair and split ends. It is even great treatment oil for dandruff problem.


  • Jojoba Oil Treatment


Jojoba oil is known to offer extensive moisturizing effect. Thereby, being a comprehensive solution for dull, frizzy, tangled hair. You can even get rid of dryness of hair with essential massage of Jojoba oil, which is a splendid emollient and has extensive similarity to natural hair sebum. Almost 98% of this oil content is made out of Monosaturated fats, which has the ability to easily penetrate deep into the scalp and offer extensive replenishing effect.


  • Enriched Almond Oil Care


Almond oil is rich in mineral content and meets the quintessential need of vitamin B6, B1, B2, E and D of hair. Therefore, protects hair from breakage and damage.


Moreover, aforementioned oils can also be used in combination with other ingredients like olive oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc. to achieve even better results.


Benefits of hair oil message


Hair oil massage and treatment has been a proven method of hair care since ages. In medical science, as hair oil massage find commendable encouragement owing to its extensive benefits, for not only hair growth and protection, but even more health benefits.


  • Increases and accelerates blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. Thereby, encouraging growth and repair of damages.
  • Hair oil massage effectively elevates the strength and elasticity of hair stands.
  • The pressure exerted by fingers while massaging helps to open the blood vessels. Thereby, enhancing better blood circulation. Better blood circulation helps the hair follicles to absorb essential nutrients in a better way, promoting growth of hair.
  • Oil massaging not only helps to promote hair growth, recover hair damage, but it also helps to acquire relaxation, which enhances the better functioning of all organs of the body.


Therefore, while buying hair oils look for the ingredients of the oils. You need essential nutrients along with proper hydrating solution and antioxidants to protect your hair from the extreme pollution and harsh effects of UV rays of the sun. Since you cannot avoid exposure of your hair to sun or pollution or hair styling chemicals and heat and other treatments owing to the daily lifestyle, the best way is to look for the best hair care solutions. Hair oils are in that sense easy to apply and can be included in the daily routine. Moreover, they are much cheaper, as well. Therefore, look for hair oils with rich nutrient content like Vitamin E, B5, and D, etc. to offer your hairs the simplest, yet effective care.





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