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Guide To Hair Care With Right Selection Of Shampoo And Conditioners

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There are various types of shampoos and conditioners and other hair care products in the market. Choosing just any of one with luring appearance, or something that fits into your budget is definitely not a wise decision. Just like skin types, hair types also differ and are different. Accordingly, the treatment and care for every hair type is diverse. Most consumers buy hair care products like shampoo or conditioner as per its popularity, price, and consumer appeal or are biased by attractive advertisements. However, real hair care starts with understanding your hair and providing the right type of cleansing and conditioning, thereby offering the basic care.


Different shampoos comes with various kinds of ingredients, which can benefit your hair in different ways. However, to take the advantage of the right shampoo one must understand the hair type, requirement of hair, condition of hair, etc. Like for example, while some may look for a hair fall remedy, some may look for hair volume, others for shiny hair, etc. Understand your hair type and requirement so as to decide the right choice of shampoo.


Hair Type and Shampoo According to Requirements


  • Frizzy hair always tends to have a messy appeal. You can choose a high moisture containing shampoo to keep frizzy and curly hairs well hydrated. Shampoos with conditioning ingredient are effective in smoothening frizzy hair and avoiding tangles.


  • Some people normally have dry hair. Others experience dry scalp during winters, when their hair tends to lose moisture and appear dull and dry. The solution is to look for a moisturizing shampoo offering proper hydration.


  • If you are looking for a solution to your fine hair and seek for thicker hair look for ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, polymers or even PG – Propyl silanetriol are well known to offer a thick appeal to hair strands.


  • Some people complaint of dandruff and flaky scalp. Accordingly, you can use anti-dandruff shampoos. You can also select exclusive anti dandruff shampoos with anti-itching ingredients, as well. Do not go for moisturizing shampoos, since adding more oil and moisture will aggravate the yeast growth on the scalp, thereby increasing flaky scalp. Rather, look for ingredients like those that selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, or dandruff preventing elements like zinc pyrithione.


  • Hairs exposed to constant heat of the sun, or regular heat blow, or routine use of chemicals in hair color, styling products, etc. tend to lose moisture and be dry and damaged. Shampoos with exclusive moisture replenishment formula along with cyclomethicone or dimethicone help to smoothen and bring back shine to dry hair.


  • For those who tend to use oil or regular hair styling products leaving behind a greasy residue often takes away the normal luster and shine of hair. They need an expert formula to remove the oily residue. As per studies, salicylic acid is as an essential ingredient in shampoos, which helps to remove residual dirt. You can choose sulfate or sulfosuccinates based clarifying shampoo or oily hair shampoo for this type of hair. Most of the medicated shampoos come with such formula and active residue removing agents like ployvinylpyrrolidone-iodine complex or selenium sulfide, which are equally helpful as antibacterial and antifungal agents.


  • Particularly for colored hairs, it is best to use shampoos with UV protecting formula and even better if you find antioxidant in the formula. It will effectively protect the color from disorientation under exposure of heat and sunrays.


Need for a Good Conditioner after Shampoo


The hair cuticles enclose the root of the hair from external exposure. These cuticles when closed, gives a smooth and shiny appeal to the hair follicles. However, exposure to external pollution and chemical styling products accumulates dirt within and around these cuticles. Shampoo uses a light alkaline PH to forcefully open these cuticles so as to cleanse within these cuticles. Therefore, using a conditioner after shampoo is imperative.


  • Using a conditioner helps to seal the cuticles once again. Thereby, retain the moisture within and keeps the hair shiny and lustrous.
  • Moreover, if the hair is kept unconditioned, the cuticles remain open. The alkaline PH remains in the scalp reducing the moisture content from the scalp, making your hair frizzy and tangled.
  • A conditioner helps to transform the alkaline PH condition to normal acidic PH of the hairs. Protects it against the environment and keeps it hydrated, as well.


Avoid Color Fading with Quality Conditioners


When you dye or color your hair, the coloring chemicals retain back within the closed cuticles. Once you shampoo your hairs, the cuticles open up. The color starts washing away fast with every consistent wash. However, specific shampoos for colored hair have conditioner in their formula essentially for the closed cuticle and retains the color from fading away fast.


Hair Styling Benefits with Conditioner


For any type of hair styling, the strength of hair is an inevitable requirement. Besides, with dry and frizzy hair, you can hardly manage any hairstyle. Conditioning your hair helps to retain moisture, which helps to strengthen your hair. Besides, dry and frizzy hair are more prone to damage and breakage, leaving dull and completely unmanaged hair. Therefore, conditioning your hair every time you wash them can offer you better strength, smoother, and shinier hair.


Types of Conditioner


  • Moisturizing Conditioner – These can be used effectively as everyday conditioner to keep hair hydrated.
  • Repairing Conditioner – These products come with protein content, which helps to re-strengthens damaged structure of the hair and nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Color Conditioner – These help to retain the tone of hair color. Applying these conditioners keeps colored hair vibrant and avoids sooner fading of color.
  • After lightening Conditioner – This is particularly meant for bleached or lightened hair. This conditioner diminishes the effect of bleach, removes left over bleach after washing, and replenishes hair with essential hydration and nourishment.


Thus, shampoo and conditioners if used accordingly as per hair type and the condition of the hair, then it can offer best results. Moreover, the secret of great hair lies in the good health, healthy lifestyle, and care of hair.

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